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Food News & Trends for Your Restaurant Success

restaurant trendsTop 7 Restaurant Industry Trends for 2017

What should you expect in 2017? Here's what to look for:

1. International foods, sauces and spices will be added to breakfast menus as additions and alternatives.

2. Butter, lard and tallow are making a comeback. They make foods taste better and are seen as natural.

3. The use of technology use will increase, including the use of kiosks and touchscreens for reservations and ordering.

4. Small- to mid-sized cities like Portland, Pittsburgh and Birmingham will become dining destinations just like New York City and Los Angeles.

5. Newly changed regulations regarding overtime pay will cause more labor challenges.

6. Your pricing will become dynamic, allowing peak time pricing and "of-the-moment" deals.

7. Food distributors will continue to expand their online technologies for ordering and deliveries. 


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