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How Alternative Beef Cuts Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Denver cut 

By FSA Chef Chris Allen

You can improve your bottom line by serving alternative cuts of meat and diners are showing they are receptive to ordering new center-of-the-plate options. In some cases these cuts are a better value, lowering food costs. In other cases, cuts are a higher quality and command a premium price.

Which alternative cuts should you try?

The Denver (pictured) and Bavette steaks are a good value. The Denver has a lot of flavor and is more tender than other cuts from the chuck area. The Bavette is similar to flank steak, but better with intense flavor and nice marbling.

Spinalis, or ribeye cap, from the ribeye is also a great choice right now to combat the cost of larger primals. The ribeye is the most delicious part of the prime rib, so market it as a new menu offering and charge more for this tasty cut.

Other trending items:

  • chuck steak for pot roast
  • pork skirt steak
  • beef shank for soups
  • pork rinds on the bar menu

Try some of these out for trending alternatives which also help your bottom line. Ask your FSA representative for other ideas and availability.

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