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With Account Center, you can view your account's statement and invoice details and pay online -- on your time.

View up to 2 years of payment history.
View up to 2 years of invoice history.

Up-to-date transaction information at your fingertips.

View open invoices, invoices due today and more.

State-of-the art security.

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Bar Codes

This tool can be used to generate barcodes that will print nicely on Avery 5260 labels.

The sources needed to generate sheets of labels are Microsoft Excel files that are easily obtained from Star Solutions Operator.  (Please note, both Star Solutions Operator and our scanner add-in are required for use of the Bar Code tool.)

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Designed specifically for multi-unit operators, the eAdvantage system gives DMA customers fast online ordering, order confirmation, purchase history, and online customer reporting.

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Do you want to know exactly when to expect your next delivery? Now there’s a way to track your order online.

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Customer Ordering Interactive Network (COIN) interfaces easily with your own ordering systems software so you can place orders with FSA.

Connect your ordering system with FSA and send orders through the Internet, email, or ftp file transfer.  COIN easily interfaces with programs such as CBORD®, MenuLink, Computrition, and more.

COIN is compatible with several ordering systems.  Ask your Sales Associate about using COIN for your business or to check for system compatibility.

Value-added for FSA customers. Contact us today to learn more.  


CURE (Customer Usage Reporting Environment) allows access usage reports and is Internet based. CURE gives you the ability to show 2 years of purchases.

Includes excellent drill-down capabilities and filtering by vendor, brand and category and item.

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Choose Flying Flag Fishhouse

With Flying Flag Fishhouse, you get the right seafood you need for your customers. Our constant dedication to delivering quality and value means you can trust Flying Flag for your seafood items. We know if you aren’t satisfied, your customers won't be either. We consider the catch methods, product texture, color, trim, and the fishery from which the product was harvested in order to provide consistent quality year round.

Look for the Flying Flag brand to deliver a quality dining experience with good value. Choose the Flying Flag Premium brand for those signature dishes you have which set you apart from the competition. 


Flying Flag logo

Flying Flag logo

Real Alaskan Fish Battered with Real Alaskan Beer

alaskan beer battered fish We combined our premium wild Alaskan Halibut, Cod and Pollock battered with a recipe containing Alaskan® Brewing Company's ICY BAY IPA®.

The taste tests were amazing.

Tender, delicious wild fish covered with a batter that provides a superb finish and a bright flavor profile. This gives you the kind of results usually found in scratch recipes.

Our quality ingredients produce a quality dining experience:  

• Flavor results usually found in scratch recipes
• Tender, delicious wild fish
• Superb finish
• Bright flavor profile
• Quality ingredients
• Quality dining experience

More ...

Which Choice is Right for You?

In these two videos, our seafood experts discuss the merits of farm raised salmon and highlight the differences between Alaskan Halibut and Mahi Mahi -- two popular fish choices caught in the same ocean, but hemispheres apart.  


Flying Flag Premium Scallops provide foodservice operators the highest quality scallop available. Flying Flag Original Scallops balance value with quality when you are looking for more affordable options.


scallopsFlying Flag Fishhouse Premium Dry Sea Scallops

100% Natural, Top of Trip, Sushi Grade

Our sea scallops are harvested off the Northeast coast of the U.S.  
A scallop vessel will fish for several days. Flying Flag Premium Scallops are
“the top of the trip.” That means they are the freshest scallops on the boat, the last ones caught. The scallops are harvested, shucked and sized on board and placed on chipped ice to keep them cold until they are brought to New Bedford, Mass., rinsed,  individually quick frozen and sized again to ensure uniformity prior to packaging. Our Flying Flag Premium Scallops are sushi grade, which means they may be eaten raw, if desired. They are also great served medium rare.

Flying Flag Fishhouse Premium Diver Bay Scallops

Our diver scallops are a unique treat! These deliciously sweet bay scallops are harvested by divers in the waters off the coast of Peru. Diver scallops are not only incredible to eat, they are a great environmental choice as harvesting diver scallops is the least  disruptive to the environment and there is never any by-catch.


Natural vs. Water Added Scallops

100% All Natural

Water Added
Chemical free (no phosphates)
Natural moisture
best flavor profile
off-white in color
Shorter shelf life (no preservatives)
Sushi grade
Treated to absorb moisture
Extended shelf life
White in color
Value added
Not for sushi

Target Customers
Target Customers

White tablecloth restaurants
Gourment outlets
Casual dining
Fish markets

Cooking Guidelines
Cooking Guidelines

Cook to a golden brown
Retain natural sweet flavor, size and texture
Meat stays firm for skewering, baking, broiling and grilling


Shrinks to about 50% of original size after cooking
Fragile meat may split if not handled properly
Loses most of original flavor and usually requires added spices
Not recommended for breading as product releases water

Wild Salmon

Today's diners want to know where and how their seafood is harvested. Adding Flying Flag Fishhouse brand wild salmon to your menu is a smart way to instantly add value and variety to your concept.

All Flying Flag Fishhouse Keta, Coho and Sockeye are harvested in Alaskan waters and are Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) certified.

More about the different types of salmon, including a video.


Keta Salmon

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus Keta
Common Names: Keta Salmon, Chum Salmon

Keta Salmon offer an excellent lower cost Salmon alternative. Keta Salmon typically weigh eight pounds and is typically a paler-fleshed fish with a lower oil content compared to that of King, Sockeye, and Coho.

Flying Flag Wild Keta Salmon is harvested in the Bering Sea around the Aleutian Islands. 


Coho Salmon

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus Kisutch
Common Names: Coho Salmon, Silver Salmon

Smaller than King, larger than Sockeye and about the size of Keta, Coho Salmon average eight pounds and is known for its orange-red flesh, firm texture, and mild flavor.

While having less oil content than King and Sockeye Salmon, Coho still has a relatively high oil content which makes it excellent grilled, baked, or broiled. 

Flying Flag Fishhouse Wild Coho Salmon comes primarily from the Aleutian Islands.


Sockeye Salmon

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus Nerka
Common Names: Sockeye Salmon, Red Salmon 

Sockeye Salmon average about five to six pounds  and has the brightest red meat color of all salmon and, like Kings, has a very high oil content.

Sockeye Salmon has the highest level of Omega 3’s, which give it the rich flavor and delicate texture diners love. Because of this, Sockeye is best prepared with simple recipes that don’t mask its succulent flavor and bright red meat color.

Flying Flag Wild Sockeye Salmon comes from the Aleutian Islands.


King Salmon

Scientific Name: Oncorhunchus tschawytscha
Common Names: King Salmon & Chinook Salmon


The largest of all salmon, averaging 18 pounds and often exceeding 30 pounds, King Salmon is prized for its bright red meat color as well as its very high oil content.

King Salmon is excellent prepared any way but simple recipes are best to bring out the natural flavor and color of the most prized salmon on Earth.

Depending on seasonality, Flying Flag Wild King Salmon is harvested around the Gulf of Alaska and Northeast Alaska before returning to rivers like the Yukon, Kuskokwim, Nushagak, Kenai, Copper, Alsek, and Taku.



Flying Flag Shrimp

Good tasting and good for you!

Shrimp are naturally low in total fat. In particular, they are low in saturated fats. An added plus for shellfish is the presence of "good" fats called omega-3 fatty acids. Regular consumption of foods that feature omega-3 fats is associated with lower cholesterol levels and reduced risk of heart disease.

While shrimp contain more cholesterol than most shellfish (175 milligrams in 3 ounces), in moderate amounts, they have a place in a heart-healthy diet. Boiled or steamed shrimp have been shown to contain about the same amount of cholesterol as the white meat in chicken. Shrimp are also rich in vitamins and minerals. They contain vitamin B12, niacin, iron, zinc and copper.

Flying Flag Fishhouse Premium Shrimp are available in two species: White shrimp (P. vannamei) and Black Tiger shrimp (P. monodon). Black Tiger shrimp are more readily available in the largest sizes and White shrimp in the medium and smaller sizes.

The dynamics of shrimp farming are changing in favor of growing more White shrimp and less Black Tiger.

Flying Flag farm-raised shrimp are certified with a two-star BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) rating. This rating ensures our shrimp come from farms and plants which meet the standards set by the GAA (Global Aquaculture Alliance) to ensure and advance environmental and socially responsible aquaculture practices.  


Selecting Shrimp

Cooked Peeled & Deveined, Raw Peeled & Deveined, Raw Shell-On

Cooked Peeled & Deveined (P&D)

Head-off shrimp with the shell and gray-black intestinal vein from the back of the shrimp removed. The raw shrimp are peeled  and steamed so they are fully cooked and ready to use after thawing. Cooked shrimp are available with the tail on or tail off and individually frozen.

Raw Peeled & Deveined (P&D)

Head-off shrimp with the shell and gray-black intestinal vein from the back of the shrimp removed. Raw peeled and deveined shrimp are available with the tail on or tail off and individually frozen.

Raw Shell-On Shrimp

Head-off shrimp with just the head removed and packed in frozen blocks. They have not been deveined.


Shrimp are graded into sizes based on the number of shrimp per pound. For example a 16/20 count means that there will be between 16 and 20 shrimp in a pound.


Profit Tip


Shrimp is the #1 seafood consumed in the United States. Its adaptable across all menu applications as salads, appetizers, soups, sandwiches and entrees.

Try these menu ideas!

  • Raw, peeled and deveined tail-off shrimp are excellent for pasta, rice and stir-fry dishes. These tail-off shrimp are also good in soups, chowders, omelets or as salad and pizza toppers. Choose the larger sizes for visual appeal or the smaller ones for bite size pieces.
  • The larger sizes of Black Tiger and White Shrimp raw peeled and deveined tail-on shrimp can be skewered, grilled, baked, broiled, or sautéed.
  • Use the smaller sizes 41/50 to 26/30 count for shrimp cocktail, cooked chilled shrimp for a buffet, or in appetizers like wonton wrapped shrimp. They can also be seasoned and cooked for an entrée salad.







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